Hockey Nations 2011 brings mayhem back into the rink

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming release “ Hockey Nations 2011” for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices due for release in March 2011.

Hockey Nations 2011 follows on from the success enjoyed by its predecessor Hockey Nations 2010 as ‘the hockey fan favorite’ by literally packing more punch than any other hockey simulation out on the market. After releasing Hockey Nations 2010, we were overwhelmed by the feedback from the fans, which validated our beliefs that there was an eager yet neglected audience looking for a hockey game on their phones. The feedback received has been both positive and constructively critical – just the way we like it, as it has helped us to understand what the fans are really looking for and develop the game to meet their needs.

So what features did the good folks want? Fighting, multiplayer, customizable teams! It doesn’t matter where you are in The World, one thing is universal – you cannot go through a match without some scuffles. Multiplayer is a given, as where is the fun if you can’t spread some pain of shame amongst your friends. We all did it on console and now we can do it again on mobile. Customizable teams was something that our North American teams were keen on having due to the large number of local city teams people wanted to have the option to play as. This has gone down well with our European gamers as well, as for once fans of other major hockey leagues outside North America can play under their own team names.

Here are the key features of Hockey Nations 2011:

· 18 international teams and 40 customizable city teams
· Multiplayer: Challenge your friends with Real-time Wi-Fi & Bluetooth multiplayer.
· 7 Game Modes: World League, Go for Gold, Shootout, Exhibition, Play Off, Practice and Multiplayer.
· Fighting: Gloves are off – now bring on the pain!
· Stunning 3D graphics, realistic motion-captured animations and intuitive controls.
· Choose and change your strategy on the fly to suit your play, including pull goalie.

Hockey Nations 2011 will initially launch on iPhone/iPod Touch and Android with a number of exciting updates coming its way. We have also teamed up with One Hockey AAA Tournaments to bring this fine sport to the hockey fans, their families and friends from all over The World together both inside and outside the rink.


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