Distinctive is heating up the field with the unrelenting Rugby Nations 2010

Distinctive Developments, one of UK’s most notable and experienced mobile game developers has released the most anticipated iPhone and Android game of the year for the rugby union fans – Rugby Nations 2010.

The scrum is forming for a fresh installment of Rugby Nations, often dubbed as ‘the game of gentlemen at your fingertips’ on the iPhone and Android devices. Rugby Nations 2010 is a thrill ride into one of the most grueling sports of our time, while preserving the elegance of the game through extraordinary visual presentation. Set in vibrant stadiums filled with sweat and tears, the player called upon to immerse themselves into all aspects of the game from rucks and scrums to the inevitable attempts for drop-kicks. Combining the beastly action with strategic planning and execution, Rugby Nations 2010 welcomes you to explore the warrior within through your handheld device.

Distinctive has incorporated motion captured animations in its gripping imagery adding an extra layer of authenticity to the gracefully executed gameplay experience. Intuitive controls allow everyone to dive head first into the action regardless of their experience in mobile gaming. Rugby Nations 2010 caters to all skill levels equally without sacrificing the experience allowing you to grow with the game rather than out of it.

Rugby Nations 2010 features a selection of 12 of the toughest rugby union teams from around The World and offers the player the chance to compete in the most prestigious rugby tournaments. You can collect your trophy from World Cup, Tri-Nations or Six Nations with 36 achievement awards up for grabs. The ‘Conversion Kicks’ – mini game adds a bit of quick fun to the game while Apple’s Game Center Achievements and leaderboards will cater to those with a competitive streak waiting to be unleashed.

With a long history of developing games for multi-million selling gaming franchises, including the FIFA franchise for Electronic Arts (EA), it is only natural for Distinctive to use the homegrown skills and passion to publish outstanding sporting experiences to its loyal and growing fan base.
Distinctive takes great pride in creating compelling games that will attract both mainstream as well as those niche sports markets that have long been under-represented in the mobile marketplaces.
The successes of Rugby Nations, Hockey Nations and Bonecruncher Soccer have shown that Distinctive has the talent to create enjoyable games while offering something that will stand out from the crowd and address the needs of the markets.

Rugby Nations 2010 is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch on the Apple Appstore and Samsung Bada devices from Samsungapps. The game will be available on Google Android devices from early November 2010.


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