Distinctive is back with a vengeance with Bonecruncher Soccer™

Distinctive Developments, one of UK’s most notable and experienced mobile game developers, is getting ready to rumble with a completely new take on soccer with the unrelenting Bonecruncher Soccer™.

Bonecruncher Soccer™ is a high-intensity drive that takes the player to a more primal version of the sport where the rules as we know them do not exist. Set in an astonishing 3D stadium, the player will be tasked with a goal of attacking through the field, dodging the savage defenders from the opposing team and scoring, preferably with most bones intact. Combining the skills of soccer and the intensity of a local rivalry, Bonecruncher Soccer™ provide the player with an adrenaline rush unlike any other soccer game available on the market.

Bonecruncher Soccer™ boasts a number of features guaranteed to give the player an unrivalled experience of high quality gaming. Distinctive teamed up with Sheffield United Academy to bring beautifully crafted and realistic motion capture animations. You will also be presented with the golden opportunity to customize your own player literally from head to toe. From funky haircuts to the color of your socks, you can become just the player you’d want to be!
On top of the smooth visual presentation, Bonecruncher Soccer™ offers a variety of 40 challenges that will keep everyone coming back for more. Timed levels, checkpoints and exclusion zones mean that the player will never know what’s around the corner and intuitive controls allow for just getting out there and scoring. As an added bonus, the game also offers a Shootout mode, which will allow the player to practice their scoring skills with just a flick of a finger.

With a long history of developing games for multi-million selling soccer franchises, it was only natural for Distinctive to utilize their passion for soccer and bring a fresh twist into the game.
Distinctive takes great pride in creating compelling games that will attract both mainstream as well as those niche sports markets that have long been under-represented in the mobile marketplaces.
The successes of Hockey Nations and Rugby Nations have shown that Distinctive has the talent to create enjoyable games while offering something that will stand out from the crowd and address the needs of the markets.

Bonecruncher Soccer™ will be available from 9th October 2010 on Apple iPhone/iPod Touch with a limited time price promotion of $0.99/£0.59. The game will also be available on Google Android from late October 2010 at a price of $1.99.


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