Games for Samsung Bada OS

Sheffield, UK.  June 17th 2010.  Distinctive Developments, one of the UK’s most experienced, independent mobile game developers, is bringing two of its best-selling original games – Hockey Nations & Rugby Nations – to the new Samsung Bada open mobile platform.

Hockey Nations brings the action-packed world of ice hockey to the palm of your hand, recreating the excitement and intensity of a six-on-six match.  Rugby Nations brings the skill and tactics of rugby union to the mobile phone, using touch screen controls to allow passing, tackles, tries and kicks.

The games were created using Distinctive’s own proprietary technology and tools, which enables the company to port its games to all of the leading mobiles and smartphones used around the world.

Bada is a new platform, created by Samsung to bring a wider choice of cost-effective yet powerful smartphone devices to consumers.  Smartphones, such as Bada, Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, are ushering in a new era of mobile computing and content consumption; running apps, playing music and movies as well as playing great games.

Nigel Little, the managing director of Distinctive Developments, said, “A decade ago we decided that mobile devices would be the future of computing and recognised the huge potential of this new market.  Being able to deliver high definition 3D games such as Hockey Nations and Rugby Nations to a mass-market audience via new smartphone platforms such as Bada strengthens this belief.

“Distinctive’s in-house technology ensures that we can incorporate all of our new games, titles and apps into all of new and existing platforms and App Stores out there.  This allows us to take advantage of each specific audience, while ensuring that our games, incorporate all of the features offered by each handset, or group of handsets at the same time.”

Hockey Nations & Rugby Nations will be available on Samsung Bada-enabled handsets in July and August respectively.


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